We met Wes at the Game Fair in Anoka and promised we would book a hunt. We arranged to have a corporate hunt and invite several of our large customers. The entire experience could not have been better and working with Wes and Marvin was a pleasure. From selecting a date, to helping work out the transportation to deciding on what gear to bring, there was always a fast, helpful response. The hunting was amazing!! We have several hunters that had bird hunted all their life and couldn’t believe the number of birds we saw. There was 11 people in our group and even starting at 10am we had our limit before lunch. Would have been sooner if we could shoot worth a flip.

We are already looking at the calendar for next year and the customers that went are already putting their name in the hat, even if they have to pay their own way, they are in. I know I have personally been hunting my entire life and have enjoyed some very successful hunts and this experience ranks at the top of the list. Can’t wait to get back and see Wes and Marvin next year. Whether you are a veteran pheasant hunter or a first timer, you will not be disappointed.

Ken C.


If you’re looking for top notch pheasant hunting in a relaxed atmosphere Mills Pheasant Hunt in Armour South Dakota is the place to be. I have hunted with Marvin & Wes on numerous occasions and always got my birds. (or at least my share of shooting anyway) J The dogs are as good or better than any I’ve hunted over. (40 years) I’ve went afield with many hunters initially unknown to me and the hunting has always worked out well. I’ve enjoyed meeting, hunting and sharing the hunting experience with hunters from all across the states.

I absolutely encourage you to join them for a hunt and see for yourself!

Lee B.
Mankato, MN


I had never been pheasant hunting until about 5 years ago, and I made the trip to South Dakota to hunt with Marvin and Wes. My first hunt was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done. Since that time, I have had opportunities to go other places, but chose not to do so. I have returned for the last four years, and intend to go back this fall. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. Marvin and Wes do an excellent job with all the hunters. They know how to arrange the hunts so that everyone has the possibility of shooting pheasants. They have some great dogs that do an excellent job. As long as I am able to hunt, I will continue to return to Armour, South Dakota. Would not think of going anywhere else!



My cousin, uncle, and I recently hunted with Marv and Wes. What an awesome experience! Value! Mills Pheasant Hunt does not have a big lodge (low overhead) hence they are able to offer an affordable world class experience. Accommodations were clean and comfortable and the food was excellent! Marv and Wes treated us like family. We never hunted the same place twice. I saw more birds driving to Marv's farm than I have seen my entire life. We got our limit of birds every day and Marv and Wes' dogs are awesome. If you're looking to hunt pheasants in South Dakota, you can't go wrong with Mills Pheasant Hunt. I will be hunting with Wes and Marv again.

John O.
Waltham, MA


I have pheasant hunted in Kansas for several years and always wanted to upgrade my pheasant hunting to South Dakota and the opportunity finally came. It was more than I imagined and far better than anything I had seen in Kansas. I knew I would enjoy being with the group that had invited me, but you never know about the guides until you get in the field and at that point it’s too late. The others in the group assured me that I would be pleased with the guides and the dogs. After the first day of hunting, I was thrilled that my first South Dakota pheasant hunt was with Marvin & Wes. These two run a very professional but relaxed hunt and the dogs are great! I look forward to many years of pheasant hunting with Marvin & Wes.

Blake M.
Texarkana, TX


Wes / Marvin,

I would like to take the time to Thank You for the great South Dakota Pheasant hunting experience you two provided for my father and myself . The services that you provided us was more than what you could ever expect when it comes to a fully guided Pheasant hunt ,also making sure we got our limits every day to taking the time every evening to come sit down and have dinner with us at the Blue Moon which cooked a pretty mean steak. Also Wes I would like to give a big Thanks to your two dogs Cooper and Roxie I have hunted over several dogs in the past and these gals are some of the best I have ever seen !

Thank you!

John Schreiber , Central Texas


Pheasant hunting in South Dakota is the only thing I know, its where I live and the only place I've shot pheasants. It has some excellent places and I can say I have been hunting at several of them. I've hunted western SD near Winner, Presho, and Pierre and have had excellent success. I went to Technical school in Mitchel hunting pheasants within 50 miles every direction (including Armour, SD) and I spent as much time hunting as I did on school work shooting pheasants every week of the season. I mentioned all this to say, the success of pheasant hunting is measured not only by the amount of birds you knock down but by the company you are with. Marv and Wes have an uncanny ability to turn a pheasant hunt into more than just killing birds, but turning it into a truly memorable experience. Its not typically the ones you hit that you remember but the ones that you don't hit that get the most attention. These gentlemen run a professional but low pressure hunt that welcomes the 12yr old rookie all the way to the seasoned bird hunter that never seems to miss. These guys are easy to work with and the bird numbers are excellent providing a hunt that has brought many folks back year by year.

D. Thompson
Sioux Falls, SD


Had the opportunity to hunt with Wesley and Marvin for a couple of years now and it's always been a topnotch professional experience. The dogs work good with mine and the ground they have is second to none. I've hunted at a few different lodges in SD and this is just as good or better for half the price. Great shelter belts and grass cover, they definitely manage there land to hold birds. The lodging they provide is also great. Don't need a high priced lodge for this guy, just a nice place with a TV to sit back and relax after a great hunt. Great job guys!

Rick L.
Northern MN


I grab one more cup of coffee before heading out on the last day of our hunting trip when I overhear two groups of hunters lamenting over the difficult conditions caused by severe drought and a stagnant economy that has meant a reduction in pheasant habitat. It dawns on me that I may have the best keep secret in South Dakota. Not only have we shot our limit every day, but we’ve still had time to drive up to the Cabela’s in Mitchell and be back home in time for dinner. The good news is that this place is no secret at all, it’s Mills Pheasant Hunt in Armour, South Dakota. With two world class guides, Marvin and Wes, a herd of Brittanys’ on point, and thousands of acres to hunt, you are sure to have the ultimate South Dakota pheasant hunting experience. Give them a call, you’ll be glad you did!

Jim M.
Kingwood, TX


I started hunting back in the mid 70's with my dad and brothers. I had many memorable hunts with them and my friends in the following years. As my brothers and I have gotten older with less time and energy over the last several years, it has been nice to allow Marvin and Wes to take care of things such as providing a group of well trained dogs, well kept land with the proper habitat for the birds, and a means to get to these areas for proper and safe hunts. I can't wait until next fall. I always see friends I have made from other states and look forward to making new ones. Maybe I won't wait until the fall. With the Mills' new preserve license, I can still get in another hunt this spring.

Paul B.
Madison Lake, MN