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3 Day Hunt

  • Cost: $1295
A deposit of $400/person is required at time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable after September 1st of the year paid. There will be no refunds if you choose not to hunt all days. The deposit is for the hunting season of the year paid and cannot be applied to hunts in future seasons.


  • 1 or 2 Guides for every hunt.
  • 3 to 5 well trained dogs
  • Lodging (Provided in Red House pictured above, or in The Roost)
    • 3 nights lodging (3 day hunt)
  • 2 meals per day
    • Lunch will be served at the farm.
    • Evening meals are at the Blue Moon Cafe in Armour. They have the best steaks in the area!
  • Sales Tax
  • Bird Cleaning
Not included - shells, license & gratuity.

What to bring...

  • Shotgun
    • 12 or 20 Gauge is recommended
    • 410 is not recommended
    • Take plug out of the gun
  • Shells
    • Choose the heaviest load that you are comfortable with
    • We recommend 4 or 5 shot
  • Safety Glasses
  • Appropriate Clothing
    • Orange Hat and Coat/vest
    • Weather Appropriate to handle Cold weather, rain, snow, etc.
  • Boots that are already broken in
  • Small Game License

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is the house or apt. furnished?
All the bedding and towels are furnished. And you should have most of what you need for the kitchen.

Do I need a plug in the gun?
You don't need a plug to pheasant hunt. I would recommend taking it out to have an extra shot or two. Believe me, it comes into play all the time.

Are hunting licenses available in Armour?
Yes they are, but if you have a big group and all go in at the same time it wont work out good. I would suggest taking care of it ahead of time.

Can dog come in the house?
No dogs in any of the living space. Dogs can be in the porch or garage. But dogs are sure welcome.

Do we walk a lot of CRP?
We don't walk a lot of it but some bigger groups we have to walk some. Most of out land is easy walking on trails or cut corn or beans. Not too hard walking overall.

Do I need to bring swamp boots?
Generally no. Most of our hunting does not include wet swampy land.

What license do I buy?
You need to buy the SD ten day small game license for about $125.

Can we start early on our last day?
We often get that request and yes we can. First light or soon after is possible. Many have early flights or just want to get a jump on the driving.


This is the where we have lunch and gather and prepare for hunts. We will try to put smaller groups of two or three with other small groups of two or three. If your group would rather hunt alone that's OK too, but we may charge a higher fee.

Our season runs from the third Saturday in October to the first weekend in January. Bag limit is three roosters per day.

If any group would like to hunt unguided, just ask, we may be able to arrange that, especially later in the year.

While we can handle groups large or small, each hunter is treated as an

This is where we have lunch. This is our mode of transportation to and from the fields.

A typical day goes as follows... Arrive at the farm by 9 am to get ready for the hunt. We will answer any questions and go over the safety rules. We then head out to the fields about 10 am. We then hunt a few pieces of land until lunchtime. If we need to we will go back out for a few more hours until you have your limit. Generally, we will be finished hunting between 2 pm and 4 pm. To the right you will find a picture of our mode of transportation to and from the fields.

Three day hunts are common, but some hunt as much as five. We have enough ground that we try to hunt different land every day. Hunting with large groups is done by having blockers at the far end of the field where birds are driven. Rotating walkers and blockers ensures everyone a chance to rest. Smaller groups will hunt more manageable areas like food plots and smaller fields.

This is the barn where the dogs are kept. We hunt about 3000 acres of private land of all types including:

  • Corn Strips
  • Tree Belts
  • Cattail sloughs
  • CRP land
  • Radish Fields
  • Food Plots
  • Dry and Wet Creek Beds

Cabela's is only 45 minutes away in Mitchell, SD. Many hunters take advantage of that if they are traveling by plane.

If you wish to turn your trophy into a showpiece, we can put you in touch with Larry at A Tail for Tales Wildlife Art & Taxidermy.

Not having the high overhead of big lodges enables us to keep our rates low and still provide a hunting experience that will keep you coming back.

Let us know in advance if you would like to warm up by shooting some clay targets before the hunt.