Marvin and Wes Welcome You...

Ken C., TX -
"The entire experience could not have been better. Working with Wes and Marvin was a pleasure..."

One in a million photo...

We think we have what you are looking for. A great hunt, comfortable rooms, all at an affordable price.

We are family owned and operated. Started by Marvin Mills in 1990, and joined by his son-in-law Wes in 2005. Resulting in many years of successful pheasant hunting. The bird numbers along with our excellent habitat preservation keep our hunters coming back year after year. The old stands of cedar along with newly planted shelter belts will ensure wildlife habitat for years to come.

Michael, TX -
"Marvin and Wes do an excellent job with all the hunters. They know how to arrange the hunts so that everyone has the possibility of shooting pheasants."

Excellent hunting, beautiful scenery, and good fellowship will result in a productive and memorable experience for you and your group.

Browse through our site, check out our Rates, click through the Photos, jot down a few Recipes, then Contact Us to book your hunt today!

All the Best...
Marvin Mills and Wesley Kranz

Current News:

Hunting season is just around the corner now and bird numbers look very good. We've had plenty of moisture throughout the spring and early summer which results in great cover. Of course we can always use rain in July and August and we hope that happens to keep crops going.

We have openings in October and November and plenty in December. And don't let the thought of cold deter you because December can and is a great time to hunt.

So get a hold of me soon if your thinking about a SD hunt so you can pick out a good spot. We will show you a great time.

Wesley, lead guide.

These are Wes' dogs, Copper and Rexie, at their kennel at home.

These are Wes' dogs, Copper and Rexie, at their kennel at home.


These are Wes's dogs living at home. Rex, Copper and all her puppies. Pups are six months old in picture and are off to a good start hunting and learning obedience. We'll find out which ones work together the best and rotate them accordingly.


John O., Waltham, MA -
"What an awesome experience! Value! Mills Pheasant Hunt does not have a big lodge (low overhead) hence they are able to offer an affordable world class experience... Marv and Wes treated us like family. We never hunted the same place twice... We got our limit of birds every day and Marv and Wes' dogs are awesome... I will be hunting with Wes and Marv again!"

Food Plots & Shelter Belts

Food Plots & Shelter Belts